In 1954, Vernon Green of the Medallions wrote a song called "The Letter" in which he used the words "puppetutes of love", a combination of "puppets" and "prostitutes". A puppetute was a woman of your fantasies who would do anything you wanted. Steve Miller, who sometimes imported words from other songs (including his own) into his lyrics, misheard the word as "pompitous" or "pompatus" and added "pompitous of love" and "pompatus of love" to his songs, "Enter Maurice" and "The Joker", respectively. The words were later used as a title to a movie, "The Pompatus of Love". "Enter Maurice" also uses the words "sweet words of epismetology" (close to an actual dictionary word, epistomology), which was probably a misheard version of another Green-invented word, "pizmotality", words so secret they can only be revealed to a lover.
"My dearest darling, come closer to Maurice so I can whisper sweet words of epismetology in your ear and speak to you of the pompatus (pompitous) of love" (from "Enter Maurice", by Steve Miller)
by JohnJablong June 9, 2006
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my fantasy lover, my everything

From the Medallions 1954 song "The Letter" and the Steve Miller 1973 song "The joker"

Also spelled puppetutes
I speak of the pompatus of love
by mandingo August 21, 2003
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