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Pompadour + Dork = Pompadork. A nerdy guy who dresses rockabilly. Take your average dumpy computer programmer, give him a pair of Ray Ban Wayfarers, or other thick-framed black plastic glasses, a bowling shirt, a girlfriend who dresses like Betty Page (but doesn't look like her), sideburns, and of course a gelled-up pompadour hairstyle. Now insert him in a tiki lounge (after 5pm).
"I wanted to get my girl another mai-tai, but I couldn't even get to the bar because of all of the pompadorks."

"The pompadorks were lined up around the block for the Cramps show at Irving Plaza."

"Ed just bought some leopard-print creepers. He's such a pompadork!"

by GullibleZine August 04, 2006
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