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Where Jamal Karimi was born and raised.
POMFRET is the greatest place on Earth.
by Jamal Karimi April 25, 2005
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An adjective describing a really shitty situation. Basically the best way to describe a situation that couldn't possibly get any worse. The word is derived from a small school in America
student a: this is atrocious, it reminds me of pomfret
student b: that could be an adjective
student a: yea...this is some pomfret shit
by captain bradford September 05, 2007
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A small town in Northeastern Connecticut. Not very big, but considering only four thousand or so people live there there're a lot of cool kids. Passtimes include beer pong, rollin (honey) dutchies, and hangin out in front of the only convenience store in town.
by Jeremy Bard November 02, 2006
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