A Theriotype(s) is the animal(s) that a therian believes they are inside, identifies with or believes they where in a past life . The most common theriotype is a wolf, accounting for approximately half of the online therian community but can be any animal. if you want to find your theriotype is just meditate and research a lot!
"my theriotype is a wolf" said the girl "well my theriotype is a cow" said the boy
by nighttherian February 11, 2016
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The new word in the tnerian terms forPhenotype.
She has a wolf theriotype. as opposed to: She has a wolf phenotype
by Anuolf February 20, 2005
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Something psyco weres say they are but they are not. They are HUMANS not animals. Why dont they just die and make way for more useful people like myself.
theriotypes are stupis and gay this word should not be on a slang dictonary like this.
by 666 March 4, 2005
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A theriotype is a therian’s animal that they spiritually connect with. A therian could also connect with the animal psychologically. It represents something that has a place and your heart and will stick with you forever
She explained that a wolf from her many dreams was her theriotype, because she spiritually connected with it.
by Monsterian.Therian December 30, 2020
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