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The possibility that a person will end up working a stripper pole at some time in his/her life.

Certain factors in a young person's life can add to chances that the person will end up in the sex trade industry. A bad experience in Catholic school, broken families, inbreeding, drug addiction and general sluttishness can all be early indicators of a high poletential for a sleazy future.
Those skanky looks give her a high poletential.

Her daddy abandoning her has left her with serious poletential.

Every hit of meth is increasing her poletential by a factor of 2.
by Spudsy G March 26, 2011
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What strip-club owners measure new applicants by. When a girl walks in to a club seeking work, there are certain things she must be able to do in order to be hired. How much she can make the club by doing her thing is known as poletential.
"Now Haley there, she can drop it like it's hot and pick up a dolla bill wit' that snatch. That's poletential,playa. Meg, though,..."
by Dr. Freeze June 18, 2008
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