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Started out as a joke, a parody to Digiclipse.
Originates from 4chan, and was a forum with Pokemon believers.
Quoted from Evan1109:
This started as an effort to troll Digiclipse. It's a site that had people who honestly, TRULY believed in Digimon and the digital world. /v/ discovered it on Friday. My idea was to take the piss out of them with Pokeclipse, and we'd build up posts for a week and then spring in on Digiclipse to troll them, and have nerdrage arguments about which of our fictional worlds were real.
by S. H March 31, 2008
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Pokeclipse was a forum where people who apparently believed that pokemon were somehow real and could interact with people in the real world would meet.

However, it was started out as a joke to parody and make fun of Digiclipse (The same thing, except people believe Digimon were real). It soon got a lot of attention, and half of the people on the site soon ACTUALLY believed that pokemon were real. It soon became infested with actual nerds, who later tried to deny their belief in Pokemon in the real world, however it was a sad attempt and they DID believe. EVERYONE who joined and took part in that forum (including the people who started it as a joke) proved that they have no life to go that far out of their way to make people think it was real. They tried to explain it, however all of them are looked at as a joke and are all now known losers. It is estimated that 99.9% of the people who joined and took part in the so called "Joke" were virgins and had absolutely no social life at all, mostly WoW and D&D nerds that wanted to get attention.
Mew2 (Is the supposed started of Pokeclipse, and certified nerd/virgin thats part of the 4chan and plays WoW/D&D 18 hours a day, also has a Micropenis, 1 cm)

Mew2: "Did you see that Pokeclipse thing?? haha I really pwned those Digiclipse dudes and anyone who thought I was a loser"
Guy With a Life: "Dude, you are a fuckin loser, get laid and get a life, your not fooling anyone you nerd, and I heard that you have a tiny penis"
Mew2: (runs away crying) "Why doesnt anybody believe me? aaaaahhh!!..."
by Guywithalife May 18, 2008
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A group of people who think that pokemon are real, and are searching for a portal to the "pokemon universe". there's a message board dedicated to said group. they're very defensive and flame anyone who mocks them. Some believe the group to be a roleplaying board..

i'm not trying to insult them, just making a definition here...
Guy 1: dude there's people who think pokemon are real, I'm dead fucking serious!
Guy 2: dude shut up, the pokeclipse will happen.
by Aginor_27 March 24, 2008
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The collective term for an online forum, whose users believe that there is a Pokemon world directly parallel to our world. The majority of "believers", as they are called, claim to have either seen or be in possession of an actual Pokemon.

Often regarded as a joke site, the believers are continuously ridiculed and referred to as "insane", "retards", "psychos", etc. by various online forums, including "Pbnation", "4chan", and the "WoW" forums.
The Pokeclipse is not an actual term for the crossing of the two worlds; rather, it is a play on the word "Digiclipse", which is the belief that humans will one day travel to the Digimon world.
by Bignic14 March 26, 2008
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