Mysterious phrase used by University of Kansas sophomore basketball guard Tyshawn Taylor on his Facebook page in a comment related to a series of altercations between members of the Kansas basketball teams in late September, 2009. Possibly indicates the speaker's attempt to communicate a level of intense seriousness for the preceding phrase or sentence. Probably a misspelling of "point blankn."
“Real n-ggers do real things .. point plankn."

I told my wife, "You need to make sure the kid knows his vocabulary words for tomorrow ... point plankn."
by TRex Kansas September 24, 2009
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The act or state of self-loathing due to one's membership in a group or organization, often resulting in self-destructive and anti-social behavior.
Of course I'm point plankn? You would too if you were a Kansas Jayhawk.
by pointplankn September 25, 2009
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To receive something not earned. To artificially earn points by being a cheating bastage. To engage in busch league tactics during the heat of competition.
*During a game of bagpits (aka cornhole)*

"What's the score?"


"Bullshit. Dude, you're point plankn."
by bagpits September 24, 2009
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As a Kansas Jayhawk, we might as well embrace this phrase. Thus, I am semi-proud to reveal that the phrase "Point plankn" stems from Tyshawn Taylor, University of Kansas basketball player, who first used the phrase during a September 2009 day of unfortunate altercations between the University of Kansas football and basketball players. Likely the phrase relates to Tyshawn's previously unrevealed secret life as a pirate (sometimes pirates just can't control themselves - arrrrggghhh!), and is slang for "Walk The Plank". Fortunately for Tyshawn, pirates are indeed the chosen people of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and thus the Kansas Jayhawks are also the FSM's chosen people.

Fortunately most Kansas Jayhawks have received a much better education at the University of Kansas, so point plankn is a new word to add to our repertoire.
"If you try and mess with me, you're gonna end up point plankn".

Commonly also just simply stated these days as straight up "Point Plankn".
by Jacob5627 September 24, 2009
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