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poetronics (po et ron iks) NOUN. Circuitry or software that writes poetry. One example is, "Poetry CreatOR 2," an online poetry generator (created by Jeff Lewis, Erik Sincoff with help from Darin and Thad Nicholson).
An example of poetronics:

The Dancing Lady
by Anonymous

A robin travels from the alarmed Fuckmuffins,
Where the size of the revolver was all that matters
Transferring out, into the distance, the red wagon kicks.
Thrice she said with flattering hairs and horny sighs.
The day wearies, the hunting of pandas is fruitless, come to my embrace
Ecstaticness washed over she like a listless thorn,
With a youthful cluck and a magnanimous conceive we pressed onward
Cast me down from heaven for lying of dark palaces.
So deal not with this once thy glorious TV repairman.
by Maxhole June 21, 2009
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