A person pretending to be something they aren't, or an impostor. This is inferred because of the old alien movies where alien pods appear on earth and the "pod people" dispose of the humans and slowly reproduce the bodies, pretending to be humans.
The pod person was pretending to be my father, but I knew that he was an alien when he acted differently than my father ever would have.
by Christopher M. May 10, 2005
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POD PEOPLE are believed to be about 90% of the world's population. They are of a hive mind. Their emotions are limited and often go from one extreme to another. Some believe the PODS are a virus of this Earth construct. Some believe we put them into this construct to fill it up like "background people" in a movie. Either way, the PODS took control of the Earth Template Constructs. At this time we cannot comment on the date the PODS "overtook" us. However, for many of the "real" humans we are going to a new Construct that is POD free. Hope I see you there!
Hey, get a load of this new marketing campaign I targeted at the average POD Person "You're a moron so buy this".
by Light Warrior March 17, 2017
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A mindless, pliable person who cannot make an informed decision for themselves. A marketers dream. Characterized by a blank glaze, frequent toe tapping and head nodding. The most distinguishing characteristic of a Pod Person is the white ear-buds which attach to their life support.
A Pod Person is most often seen on any public transit system.
by ltlefrog April 3, 2006
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Someone who mindlessly goes along with the official dogma or party line. One who never questions ideas or statements or thinks for themselves preferring to passively absorb ready made sound bites and pre-digested ideas.
Since he became a born again christian he's turned into a real pod person. Next he'll be chanting and burning incense.
by Edword July 31, 2006
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A person who creates or listens to podcasts (a form of online broadcasting). Also, an owner of an iPod.
I got an iPod for Christmas, and I'm now a pod person.
by Jim Dallas March 9, 2006
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