quick way to say police so that when you're drunk, u can get the point across fast and split.
by mayo January 16, 2004
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Po po are the police, originally may have started in Jamaica. Used often in urban communities, especially those with strong Caribbean influences.
Hey the po po are coming up behind are car so you better slow the hell down.
by urbansireditor December 21, 2010
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In Pomona it conveniently can abbreviate "Pomona Police". The po po can usually be seen driving by the street outside my bedroom window every night in groups of ten or fifteen. Often they are accompanied by a ghetto bird.
My Girl:There goes the Po Po again.
Me: I'm just glad they are so busy they don't bother pulling me over for speeding.
by Bryansix May 26, 2005
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the elderly word for a toilet

or the police
i threw up in the po po
the po po is comin
by Billie May 01, 2004
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someone who cries after a JV game, and or sucks at practice but still thinks hes the best player on the field; heir to the great muhammed, el jefe throne
Po Po; sucks during practice but still gets the lineman of the game, ( he really did suck the coaches dick)
by nowahs August 30, 2008
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