very impressive. May also be used in exclamation. “+5” comes from the game Dungeons & Dragons. The highest bonus a weapon could have is a +5. Therefore it’s the best. The term of a true nerd.
Bart: Are the making a new M3 anytime soon?
Azra: Yeah, its going to have a 400 horsepower V8.
Bart: Fuckin "A", Ray! Thats PLUS FIVE!!!
Azra: No shit. I'm wet just thinking about it... Actually i am soppy.
Bart: Want to go to the bathroom and fuck in the shower?
Azra: No. That would be gross.
Bart: Why is that gross?
Azra: Because you are my brother.
Bart: Oh... Bitch.
by 0rb January 25, 2008
Alex wanted to date Meg but the 'Half your age plus seven rule stopped them'. However they both moved to Tasmania and because of 'Half your age plus five' rule they were fine.
by yourfriendlyearthmover1 October 28, 2010