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very impressive. May also be used in exclamation. “+5” comes from the game Dungeons & Dragons. The highest bonus a weapon could have is a +5. Therefore it’s the best. The term of a true nerd.
Bart: Are the making a new M3 anytime soon?
Azra: Yeah, its going to have a 400 horsepower V8.
Bart: Fuckin "A", Ray! Thats PLUS FIVE!!!
Azra: No shit. I'm wet just thinking about it... Actually i am soppy.
Bart: Want to go to the bathroom and fuck in the shower?
Azra: No. That would be gross.
Bart: Why is that gross?
Azra: Because you are my brother.
Bart: Oh... Bitch.
by 0rb January 25, 2008
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