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A term that often means "crazy", "sick", or "awesome", usually in the context of a party or event. It's commonly used by party kids and tools with "fun-dads" and mainly used in relation to a future tense.
Example 1:

Zac - Ayy dawg you hittin' up dat party tonight in Panama City?
Danny - Hell yeah man iz gon' get so plumsy!

Example 2:

Fun-Dad - Ay boys, ya'll gonna meet some girls tonight on da beach?
Son - Shut up Dad...
Fun-Dad - Haha aightt you boys have fun. Don't get too plumsy though! Ah I just playin' ya'll do whateva, I just want to be your friend and live through you so you can peak in high school.
by AyyyDogfish April 10, 2011
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