Common email received by some junior investment banker by his managing director. Typically received after 2 am and with a pitch book copy attached below.

Can be substituted with: "can we beef this up", "pls massage the numbers", "increase the multiples", etc.
"1 am" Analyst:
Dear MD,
Please find the pitch book for the X merger attached below.

"3 am" Managing Director:

pls fix.
by GetThisBread April 4, 2019
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A frequent email reply from your MD (Managing Director) in consulting and finance roles. It literally translates, “Please fix, thanks.” but more accurately translates: “Fix this ASAP and don’t fuck up again.”
Your email: “Please see the attached projection, we are expecting negative cash balances in years 3 and 4.”

MD’s reply email: “pls fix, thx.”
by UrAButtHead May 9, 2020
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A phrase used to catch game developer Valve's attention when encountering a bug or exploit in one of their games. This phrase is usually used when reporting very minor bugs, since Valve games are known for being very polished and bug-free. This phrase may also be used in conjunction with the phrase "Literally unplayable."
One pixel of the sky can be seen from inside a building in Mirage. Valve pls fix.
by TlaribA December 1, 2020
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