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In the Geometry Dash community, a 98, commonly referred to as "the devil's number," is a term used when a player dies at 98% on a level, especially extreme demons. Since these levels require godlike skill to fully complete, dying at 98 is an example of extremely bad luck, since if the player had persevered for a few seconds longer, they would have completed the level. This is especially scathing when verifying a level, since the level needs to be fully completed for it to be rated.
Two notable examples of this are Mefewe on Sonic Wave and Knobbelboy on Bloodlust. Mefewe died to a part which he buffed, causing him to quit the game. Knobbelboy died on the third-last spike. Both Sonic Wave and Bloodlust were the hardest levels in the game in their times.
Remember when Atomic pulled a 98 on Thinking Space? Man, that was brutal.
by TlaribA May 7, 2021
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A phrase used to catch game developer Valve's attention when encountering a bug or exploit in one of their games. This phrase is usually used when reporting very minor bugs, since Valve games are known for being very polished and bug-free. This phrase may also be used in conjunction with the phrase "Literally unplayable."
One pixel of the sky can be seen from inside a building in Mirage. Valve pls fix.
by TlaribA December 1, 2020
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