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Worrying so much it causes you physical pain

On the verge of losing your temper. Just before you REALLY lose your temper.
My buddy was plexing so much, he started to have chest pains.
by Synonymgirl July 08, 2019
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Going to the movies at a place with more than one theater, buying a ticket for one movie, and sneaking into another movie free of charge after the first movie ends.
The usher didn't notice the kids plexing, because he was looking at an attractive girl while they snuck into the second feature.
by The Grand Plexer August 15, 2006
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A disagreement. Usually after one person realizes something has been happening behind their back. It leaves them perPLEXed, pissed, and ready to start some shit.
Nigga be plexing. We can handle that. I got the mac, click-clack and cock it back.
by up_2_l@t3 March 24, 2019
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Worrying, stressing out.
I been plexin bout her not returning my calls for the last 3 days.
by Mandingoe April 25, 2004
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