A vegan who is a dominant and often older member of the gay leather scene.
"I'm taking that pleather daddy out tonight" "Better call up to see if they have vegie options!"
by XOXOXVX December 28, 2012
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Brought over to North America by the most clandestinely funkiest of Welshmen, this term traditionally refers to depositing a man's "seed" into a ladies handbag, often a group of welshmen took the liberty to engage in the act with a single handbag. Through the late 20th century the term evolves to apply to a number of handbags including those of other men.
"Why Thomas what the devil are you doing?"
"Well Fer...uuh..er..Ferdinrrrooooh... the pleather party is starting with me tonight. Curse me to hell I soiled the Kleenex. Anyway you're next."
by Rudiger650 June 29, 2004
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A major diss! (pleather is fake leather, not even genuine)
by Barry and Tamara July 18, 2003
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*Genuine Pleather (not to be confused with synthetic pleather). The only material considered suitable for The World's Greatest Runner ™ to sit on whilst gaming.

Super comfy, swivels, rocks, reclines, heated, massages and has two cup holders for booze and 4 pockets for storing some healthy grilled pitta breads as a healthy alternative gaming snack.
Mate it's made of 100% genuine Pleather. It's a wipe clean surface.
by SteVader July 13, 2017
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A queer subculture: resissued candy kid aesthetic. 'people who never bathe but always talk about eating ass.' 90s hot topic. Dirty pacifiers and decapitated baby dolls.
'Hey look at that pleather baby with the chain. I bet they've got all the poppers.
by Chamomilf April 7, 2019
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When you take a sniff inside a new car and then puke after words from that new artificial leather (pleather) smell.
I got a bad case of pleather puke when I got my new car last week.
by pleather puke boy August 14, 2008
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The inside of a cheap car on a really hot day.
That junkie left her kid in the pleather sauna today and it was 105 degrees outside!!!
by skull_krusher April 19, 2017
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