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A woman who tries to impress men by denigrating her own gender while lauding the male gender, in an attempt to gain what she sees as "male power"-by-association.  
"I'm not like all those other women who are feminazis complaining about sexual harrassment! I like it when you big strong men tell me I have great tits!, you guys think I'm cool, right? Right?!!"
--"Just STFU, pleaserwhore."

"Hey, was that Phyllis Schlafly?"
--"Yeah. What a pleaserwhore."
by facepalmornapalm September 23, 2012
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A woman who is a sycophant to men in an attempt to personally avoid being the target of misogyny.
"I totally understand how men are upset about how feminism has taken their rights away. Men, we need to start championing maleness in society, and I totally support you and please don't hurt me please."

--"Was that Michelle Malkin?"
--"Yeah. What a pleaserwhore."
by dozey12 April 29, 2013
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