Playa Hater or Playa Hating is an urban definition for bullying that focuses on who the bully is rather than the victim. A Playa Hater is someone who picks on or bullies another person for what may seem like no apparent reason, however, underlying reasons may stem from the Playa Hater seeing something in the victim that has caused them to feel envious. The Playa Hater is generally someone who feels inadequate about themselves and yearns to be popular, noticed and/or accepted. They may even sustain their popularity by bullying others and those within their network of friends and/or colleagues. The Victim is generally targeted because they have something or possess a quality that the Playa Hater desires. Playa Haters are also known to target vulnerable people as their victims - often those they perceive cannot or will not fight back. The Playa Hater is... in a nutshell...a bully.
Just some examples of what a Playa Hater might be tempted to., or actually say:

"You are so stupid. Just look at you. You look gay"

"Your website is rubbish"

"I listened to your Podcast...it was stupid!"

"No one likes you. You are strange. Just look at you."

"That dress would look better on someone else. You just look weird in stuff."

"Last one in the dressing room wants to have sex with (the name of the victim here)"

"Lets go and annoy (the victim's name here)"

"Did you hear the latest on (the victim's name here)"

so many examples....the Playa Hater just thrives on negativity and bullying!!!
by gossipboy May 21, 2009
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One who openly critiques or complains about the ridiculousness of Burning Man, Burners or other large dry lake beds.
You know, joe is an alright guy, but i never want to invite him to the decompression parties because he is such a playa hater.
by nickdigital August 22, 2008
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Someone, who dis people which have cash or somthin'...
by VAKI5 November 08, 2003
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People who dis other homies, or who try an mack up on their womenz.
"That guy tried to steal my boo, hez a playa hater, fo shizzle"
by JustinCredible June 07, 2004
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