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A fraternity and sorority of like minded individuals redefining the definition of what a "playa" is. They almost ALWAYS listen to the music podcast of the same name. If not, and they use the term, they can most certainly be referred to as "Trippin". These types are to be corrected, pointed in the right direction, or avoided at all costs. Playa Phi Playas never refer to themselves as being a playa/player. They detest the term. They prefer to say, "I'm playa". Which means to have playa tendencies attractive to the opposite sex, all the positive attributes of a bachelorette/bachelor ("staying on point") used in a constructive manner. Only members/listeners of Playa Phi Playa have been known to use the phrase in this manner. Members of Playa Phi Playa tend to be well adept with female/male interaction. They have a sense of style in step with the times that is uniquely their own, and are generally copied by others. The words "playa phi playa" and trendsetter go hand in hand to members. Married (or committed) members are excellent monogamous lovers who know how to "keep the lovers they have earned". Promiscuity among single members is neither encouraged nor "frowned upon". Monogamy is encouraged, but the disloyal aren't ridiculed. Dishonesty is NOT TOLERATED at all. Generally, all members must adhere to "The Playa Code". "The Playa Code" is an esoteric set of unwritten rules that must be respected at all times. Listeners are encouraged to tune into the music podcast to get a general gist of what it means to be playa phi playa and follow "The Playa Code".
"Thats so playa"; "Chill. I stay playa at all times"; "Did you see how he was trippin? That was not playa at all"; "I have to stay playa phi playa, baby."....
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