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a gay man who has never even kissed a girl and was born by Caesarean Section, thereby never having had any contact with a vagina
He was a naturally-born Platinum gay.
by fishsauce December 09, 2013
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A gay man who was born via c-section, meaning he has never touched a vagina.
"Garret is more gay than all of us!"
"Nah man, I'm a Platinum Gay."
by HAUGHT_DAMN October 18, 2018
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A term used by gay people that have never been with the opposite sex. Normally used to demean others because it makes the person feel better. They never questioned their sexuality so they’re better than people who have.

Often times the result of prior abuse.

(Harsh truth 🀷🏻 ♀️)
β€œI’m a Platinum Gay so I’m better than you because you were curious 20 years ago.”
by Most People Smell September 24, 2018
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