3 definitions by lordofthighs

When you wake up after a night of being a Sub and finding an object in your asshole the next morning.
by lordofthighs March 11, 2019
A couple who seeks an unattached bi-curious or bi-sexual woman to join them in a threesome.
Bob and Mary explained that they were unicorn hunters to a woman at a bar with hopes she would join them.
by lordofthighs September 18, 2014
The point in life where every decision requires a drink and a smoke including when you want to yell at a coworker, sleep with a coworker, sleep with a neighbor or sleep with a total stranger.
My life status is drapering. While having a scotch and a smoke I decided yell at a coworker then decided to sleep with her.
by lordofthighs July 4, 2016