Trying to get in a girls head and permanantly stay.
I write her messages every morning & night on facebook, I'm trying to plant a flag.
by plantingaflag December 29, 2011
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having sex with a local when traveling internationally.
Jessica wanted to "Plant the Flag" in Cape Town during World Cup.
by mrlingo July 14, 2010
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During anal or vaginal sex, you force the receivers head down onto the ground and go into a plank being supported by only you hand on your partners head and your penis inside your partner.
Hey dude, have you noticed that Stacy has been walking weird today?

Oh yeah, John was Planting the flag last night.

Oh damn. Do you know how long he held it?

He said he held it fro 12 seconds but I doubt it.

by *Screaming in Russian* April 2, 2020
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