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An over the top pizza where the topping threatens to fall off in an avalanche, usually created at (drunken) make-your-own pizza parties where the goal is to produce the gnarliest, most spectacular-looking pizza.
Dude, check out this pizza I made: it has cheese, ham, mushrooms, chourico, tomato, garlic, pepperoni, salami, habanero peppers, artichoke, chicken (whole), eisbein, peppadews, pineapple, more habanero peppers, and avocado. Oh yeah, and a duck.
Now that's what I call a pizzalanche.
by Johnny Skidmarks June 18, 2011
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A really top-heavy pizza, with mega amounts of toppings (usually home-made at make-your-own-pizza parties where everyone tries to outdo each other in size and scale). Hence the risk of an avalanche of pizza topping.
Dude, check out the pizza I made. It has ham, mushrooms, salami, pepperoni, artichokes, onion, chicken (whole), chourico, pork knuckle, garlic, and three lobsters. Get ready for a pizzalanche!
by Johnny Skidmarks June 12, 2011
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