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The word "pizdetz" (пиздец) is attributed to "Russian mat", a sort of Russian slang which is based on sexual content an is commonly banned from official use as well as considered inappropriate for use in conversation by general rules of conduct. The Administrative Code of Russian Federation even sets a fine for public use of „mat”, though this sanction is purely formal and its use is seldom. „Pizdetz” is originally derived from the word „pizda”, which is a „mat” term for vagina. „Pizdetz” may carry different meanings. Here are the most widespread:

1) Short description of a situation, usually negative. This particular use is probably the most widespread. A situation may be described as heavily negative by this sole word. For example, an answer „Pizdetz” to a question „Kak dela?” (How are you?) bears a meaning close to „Everything’s totally fucked up”.
2) A characteristic of an object. In this case the word also generally bears a negative meaning, though may occasionally be used in opposite, to describe something very good. For instance, „Pizdetz, a ne mashina!” („Pizdetz, not a car!”, something like „Hell of a car!”) generally means a total wreck, but may sometimes mean the opposite, a very fast or a very powerful car. The true meaning can only be defined by the intonation and overall context of the conversation.
3) An end to something or someone. „Yemu pizdetz” („Pizdetz to him”) means that the subject (a person or a subject – an item, a business, etc) is already or about to be dead/destroyed. For instance, „Vasye pizdetz” means „Vasya’s done for it”, „Vasya’s six feet under” or something. „Nashey organizatzii pizdetz” – „Pizdetz to our organization”, „Our organization is finished”. May also mean something negative that happened to a person or object, e.g. someone got fired from his job.

Most commonly used phrases with „pizdetz”:

1) „Pizdetz prishol” - „Pizdetz came to us”. Used to tell that a certain negative situation, circumstance, has arisen.
2) „Polniy pizdetz” – „A full pizdetz”, „Total pizdetz”. The word „polniy” (full) is used in this expression to further enforce the negative meaning of a characteristic. In English language, the closest similarity would be „FUBAR” (fucked up beyond all recognition) and „Total FUBAR”.

If Russian is not your native language, here are some basic rules for using „pizdetz”:

1) Use it only when you are sure that you know how to use it correctly. Inadequate usage of „pizdetz”, as well as „mat” in general, may turn out to be very insulting.
2) Don’t use „mat¨ when talking to women. It is considered extremely impolite.
3) Consider the situation. Correct attribution of „pizdetz” may raise you popularity amongst a group of Russian men in the army, when fishing or hunting, in private conversations with your male colleagues, perhaps, but NEVER say this word during official events, for instance.


When people feel that „pizdetz” is quite fitting somewhere but don’t want to use it due to some circumstances, they often use the word „pesetz” (песец) instead. The word „pesetz” means a polar fox and has no restrictions for usage, but people do usually understand the replacement. This is also considered very informal but is much less shocking than the original and is not banned.

Note that this article covers the main usages for „pizdetz”, but not all of them. „Mat” is very flexible and only live conversation may help you learn how to use it.
Pizdetz, a ne mashina!
Pizdetz prishol
Emu pizdetz
Polniy pizdetz
by Nightfall_RUS August 24, 2009
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