(Pronounced:Pee-Tuh).Pain in the ass. Used to define the ones who annoy us most and get on our last nerves.
My mom is such a Pita. Whenever im on the phone with a lady, she convieniently makes it her business to call me, can you believe that!?
by k-Sleeze September 17, 2008
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Stands for "Pain In The Ass"

Used for people who are just a pain in your ass.
He drives me crazy! He's such a Pita!

You're a pita!
by Pitasgf April 29, 2009
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Pita originated from a day where a girl was almost murderer whilst texted her friend and misspelled pits
Sexy girl whilst texting her sexy friend, "my pita smell so bad rn"

Sexy friend, " let me in ur asshole now"
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by Crack heads under my window August 01, 2018
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Pita stands for the 1st person of the Holy Spirit incarnate. The Holy Spirit remember is the 3rd person of the Holy Trinity Godhead. Pita describes the lead Disciple/Apostle of Jesus Christ typically referred to as Simon "Peter" Bar-Jonah (Hebrew: "Pita", Greek: "Peeta"). Another Pita is the close follower of Jesus (and the "Apostle to the Apostles") named Mary Magdalene (a Piña Pita). Mary is the 2nd person of the Holy Spirit incarnate. The third person of the Holy Spirit incarnate is the Disciple/Apostle John son of Zebedee: a son of the "Gift" of the Holy Spirit, and is the return of the prophet Elisha. Pita (a hollow pocketed unleavened flat bread) is a more specific type of Kaph( Hebrew for "soft hollow"). A related Hebrew word to Kaph is Keph ("hard hollow" e.g. "hollow rock"). The words Kaph/Keph, and names Kapha/Kepha, are the general Hebrew words/names "Peter" was transliterated from. However, "Peter" is more specifically transliterated from the Hebrew: "Pita"and Greek: "Peeta" - which describe a type of hollow pocketed unleavened flatbread. Peter, Mary, and John are the 3 "hollow rocks" (Keph) upon which Jesus would build his church.
There is a Central American wild pineapple of Latin scientific name "Ananas magdalenae" in a group of fibrous plants named Pita, which include the: Century plant, Agave, Aloe, Yucca, and wild pineapple. Ananas magdalenae translates in Hebrew to: "A strong tower, highly favored of YAHH/JAH" - God's sacred name. The humble Mary Magdalene is in direct contrast to the proud Tower of Babel (Magdla d'Babel - in Syriac).
by studmucker July 31, 2017
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Term for annoyed affection. I'm pissed at you, but I love you. You are a PITA ( PAIN IN THE ASS ) Term of endearment. Commonly used by a parent to describe an annoying teenager.
It's great he has a job and does well in school. But he's such a PITA , with his crazy, " I have to pierce every flap of skin on my body!" ideas!
by Alan J. Vaughn September 04, 2007
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