(Pronounced:Pee-Tuh).Pain in the ass. Used to define the ones who annoy us most and get on our last nerves.
My mom is such a Pita. Whenever im on the phone with a lady, she convieniently makes it her business to call me, can you believe that!?
by k-Sleeze September 17, 2008
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Stands for "Pain In The Ass"

Used for people who are just a pain in your ass.
He drives me crazy! He's such a Pita!

You're a pita!
by Pitasgf April 29, 2009
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Term for annoyed affection. I'm pissed at you, but I love you. You are a PITA ( PAIN IN THE ASS ) Term of endearment. Commonly used by a parent to describe an annoying teenager.
It's great he has a job and does well in school. But he's such a PITA , with his crazy, " I have to pierce every flap of skin on my body!" ideas!
by Alan J. Vaughn September 04, 2007
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