a young lady or man with a really bad additude.
Damn Dont be such a pissy bitch it was just a joke.
by Swaggy Sweetheart July 14, 2009
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What a person, regardless of age, throws when their internet connection goes down at a crucial point in the online game they were playing
(a) Robert threw a screaming pissy bitch fit because his internet connection was lost while in the middle of combat with another player

(b) Fred threw a HUGE screaming pissy bitch fit after loosing several million gold pieces when his character died due to his internet connection being lost
by Dasspam November 8, 2009
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Someone with a severe odor that will clear off a whole street.
I told that rotten pissy pussy bitch, "Victoria get out of my house you are stinking up all of rear Lew"
by July 5, 2021
PBS also known pissy bitch syndrome is when someone is being severely over dramatic, rude, bitchy, and over-all a piss baby for no reason and can’t control it.
Cassidy was suffering from major PBS (pissy bitch syndrome) last night, she was yelling at me for no reason.
by faggot158282927 July 1, 2021
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