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Someone who amounts to nothing more than an object that could be used for urination. Usually someone that has no real friends but still seems to follow a group of people around, even though they are unwanted there.
That new kid is such a pissbag
by fishinapie June 27, 2008
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A recepticle for urine attached via a catheter, as worn by old people and Craig David
" I'm getting pig sick of pissing t'bed .... been to see the doctor - he's fitted me with a piss bag - bo selecta!"
by Peregrine Falcon February 01, 2004
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Urinary bladder. In anatomy, the piss bag is a hollow, muscular, and distensible organ that sits on the pelvic floor in mammals.
"I'm just going to empty my piss bag."
by Criminal Activist October 26, 2007
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Another term for an asshole

Or a woman who is interested in meaningless sex
Hey no ones looking in this alley! "Wanna swing, Pissbag?"
by G Money December 03, 2003
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A person who you cannot trust.
You know you can't trust that piss bag cunt, she sleeps with niggers!
by Eric April 11, 2005
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The large mound of bulging fat just above the clit directly below the navel on a woman. Looks just like another fold of fat located near the vagina.

Some notables with a large "piss bag" would be Rosane Bar and Star Jones
"Dude did you see the nasty piss bag on that chick." "Yes Kip I did and it is nasty."
by Sparky June 01, 2003
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