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The person stuck in Urban Dictionary who no one can actually help :/
Person one : I searched ‘ Help ‘ in the Urban Dictionary

Person Two : really ? What came up ? Lmao

Person one : Seems like a cry for help from a user called PintoBean2003 ..

Person two : Yeah we can’t help them .
by MizukoAHopeBagel July 20, 2020
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a user named PintoBean2003 disappeared on the 3rd of march 2020. not much is known about their disappearance but i am currently gathering as much evidence as i can. there is currently a search party attempting to find them but to no avail.
current evidence:
who: PintoBean2003
what: they most likely ran out of food and water.
when: march 3rd 2020, time is unknown.
where: inside urban dictionary
why: reason is unknown.
how: they got trapped in urban dictionary. how they got trapped is unknown. they probably ran out of food and fresh water.
other known info: pintobean stated "i am running out of fresh water and will most likely be dead by morning". it has been more than a year since they stated this. this means they are most likely no longer alive.
current leads: pintobean's call for help
by #savepintobean February 11, 2022
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Help them. They've been trapped in the Urban Dictionary since March 03, 2020. We need to gather a search party.
A: We need to help PintoBean2003!
B: But how? We don't even know who they are.
A: It doesn't matter, we still have to!!
by tommygobrrrrr May 5, 2021
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Guy 2: Hes not actually stuck in urban dictionary dumbass
by Krizby_Gaming February 15, 2022
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PintoBean2003 need our help, someone said send a search party, we need to gather more people for it. wait… we haven’t heard from them… what if theyve evaporated into the air… Somebody MUST find them!
Randomer 1: dude search help up for me that guy needs it.

Randomer 2: okay *searches up help in urban dictionary*

Also Randomer 2: wait… PintoBean2003 has been trapped for a year in a website…

Randomer 1: SH- okay wait you used urban dictionary?
by CheryEclipse August 16, 2021
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A user of Urban Dictionary that seemingly disappeared. He was last seen on March 03, 2020, where he sent a distress definition. Attempts at finding him were proven unsuccessful. Some say that the software trapped him, dematerialized his body, and transferred his mind to the program. Some said that he is taken hostage and plead for help with Urban Dictionary. The search was likely too late, and he is now living in the program of the enigmatic Urban Dictionary.
"What happened to PintoBean2003?"

"No one knows, my son."
by secreperson August 5, 2021
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PintoBean2003 is a person who wrote up a definition for help in the urban dictionary, but they put a cry for help instead saying they were stuck in the urban dictionary. Some people are saying we can save them, but they said that next morning they’ll probably be dead and it’s been a year, almost 2 years.
Person 1:PERSON 2
Person 2:WHAT?!
Person 1:I searched up help in the urban dictionary and a person named PintoBean2003 put a cry for help saying they were stuck in the website!
Person 2:I know! But they said they’re probably gonna be dead next morning and it’s been an entire year!
by Yulison January 2, 2022
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