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A guy who has so many pimples on his face that it takes the shape of a protrusion of a penis. Please see New England Journal of Medicine.
Patient: "Doctor, what the fuck is wrong with my face?!"
Doctor: "Well you little shitwad, it looks like you have a case of pimpledick."
Patient: "Ohhh, shit..."
by Sheck E. Sheck February 01, 2008
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when genital warts are on ones dick. causeing the dick to appear pimply
or when ones dick is as big as a pimple
1. ewww, my dick is all pimply. haha u have a pimple dick.
2. i hope i dont get a pimple dick
3. omg i heard johny has a pimple dick. haha and he told me it was big
by fredthefish January 16, 2007
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Some one who lusts for the popping of pimples. Person or persons whom cannot control their unholy thirst for the grease below the flesh
Billy Jenkins: F@#K! I hate my pimples!

Jamie Lynn Rudner: Oh why billy, may I have a look? If you dont mind do you think i could pop a few?

Billy Jenkins: ok, i guess...

Jamie Lynn Rudner: Yessss, this precious face fluid will go into my sugar dish until i have enough for the feast!!

Billy Jenkins: oh Jamie Lynn Rudner... Your such a pimple dick! (giggles ensue)
by zitqueenleah October 15, 2007
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