Another word for booty or a large butt. Your pillow is used to support your body while sitting down.
With a pillow like that she definitely sits comfortably.
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by Pillow Fights July 25, 2018
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An object used by males when masturbating; the male rubs his cock and balls up and down on the pillow until he jacks off all over it
Jim found several of his roommate's pubic hairs on his pillow
by Travman December 01, 2002
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how do you like ur pillows? fluffy? big? round?

Dang dude check out her pillows!

Mrs.D has a nice set of pillows
by krazzed101 June 17, 2009
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Someone who has no backbone or gonads, totally unable to think for himself and therefore takes direction from someone else. Thus, he is a pillow and bares the imprint of the last ass that sat on him..
My ex-best friend is a pillow. His new girlfriend doesn't like me, so he threw away our friendship because she told him to do it.
by CrazyManNo9B August 30, 2010
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Pillow, a word used for someone that is 'uncool' or 'moist'
Dude 1 : "That guy is watching High school musical". Dude 2 : "Haha, he's so pillow"
by Matiassss January 17, 2012
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