1: People fighting with pillows.
2: A cropped picture and shock site of a man's genitals covered in feces while he is playing with it which is featured on ED (also known as Encyclopedia Dramatica) and Last Measure.
1) I just did a pillowfight with my brother!
2) I just saw the Pillowfight image.. I need bleach.
by LuaGunsX November 29, 2022
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when you have anal sex and the girl shits all over your dick and balls.
at first we just wanted to fool around but she didn't tell me she had to take a doo-doo and we ended up having a pillowfight and i took a 2-hour shower to get it all off.
by Dicks April 1, 2005
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When a group of 3 or more men strip naked and use frozen turnips to fight each other in a open field.
yo dog did you go to Dave's party? I didn't know it was going to be a European pillowfight.
by fdmslfm May 23, 2014
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