a county full of a bunch of yee yees and girls that thing they are bad ass bitches , all guys have stds ,nicotine addicts everywhere , everyone knows everybody's business , baseball players , ugly girl with gaps in there teeth that think they are shit because they have some clout on tick tok for no reason
guy: wanna race in the walmart parking lot ?
guy 2 : you must be from pike county
by secert thot January 14, 2020
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A big county, with a very small population below Griffin, GA. Its known for its one high school, its abundance of cows and rednecks, and cops who have nothing better else to do than bust people for small amounts of weed, even though administrators of the high school have been caught speaking inappropriately to minors.
George: Did you hear? Bob was arrested for a gram of that good, but the principal of the high school was caught looking at child pornography but he still works there...

David: Yeah, in Pike County, GA...
by LilLove87 September 13, 2012
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Located an hour south of Atlanta, just below griffin, this is a large county with a small population. A portion of the population contains slutty and dumb e-girls who think that other schools don’t also have sexual misconduct issues. This portion of the population is met with hard working, blue collar, and prideful populants.
E-girl: I hate Pike County Schools. They’re like the only school that has sexual misconduct issues.

Me, an intellectual: You whore.
by Zadiac July 30, 2019
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The land is breeded on yeehaws and cornbread. It’s either the drugs or the A Plant that’s got the people going ape shit. The land is nothing but back roads and more back roads. The cops there are sure nice and even nicer to gamble stolen money. Our mascots is between a Tiger, Redstreaks, Indians, and Eagles. Oh but don’t be alarmed, we got a Walmart down the road where you can surely see Bobby sue pissing on a stick in the parking lot after her boyfriend Ricky just overdosed on Yeehaw Black Ice. Also say hi to the local thieves around here that will steal the tin right off your house. Yikes. There’s nothing but lost dreams and drugs everywhere. Welcome to good ole pike county. We also got motels with bed bugs! Hell yeah partner.
“Hey have you been to pike county ohio?”

Ain’t that the place where them scary folks be?
by Iamagoober27 February 16, 2021
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