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a county full of a bunch of yee yees and girls that thing they are bad ass bitches , all guys have stds ,nicotine addicts everywhere , everyone knows everybody's business , baseball players , ugly girl with gaps in there teeth that think they are shit because they have some clout on tick tok for no reason
guy: wanna race in the walmart parking lot ?
guy 2 : you must be from pike county
by secert thot January 14, 2020
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Located an hour south of Atlanta, just below griffin, this is a large county with a small population. A portion of the population contains slutty and dumb e-girls who think that other schools don’t also have sexual misconduct issues. This portion of the population is met with hard working, blue collar, and prideful populants.
E-girl: I hate Pike County Schools. They’re like the only school that has sexual misconduct issues.

Me, an intellectual: You whore.
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by Zadiac July 30, 2019
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