this is the acronym used to describe Hillary Clinton. It stands for "Pig In A Pants Suit."
Why does PIAPS hate the military and the FBI so much?
by Hannity October 13, 2005
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"Pulse Is A Pulse" Anything is fuckable as long as theres a pulse.
Joe: You see that fat bitch, she ugly as fuck.

Andrew: Nah man PIAP, i would still fuck
Joe: you nasty as fuck
by HailHydra434 September 1, 2022
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a piap is where you take any kind of small plastic bottle with a cap on (EX. Gatorade pepsi or Aquafina bottles)and whack someone in the head with the bottle cap, making a high pitch noise and hurts anyone on the receiving end.
Damn son, you just got PIAPED!
by J-Dizzle Dogg February 4, 2006
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The shortened version of "Peas In A Pod"
Jay and Charne are so much alike, they are piap.
by C&J August 18, 2007
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