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"parent here talk later"- whenever your texting with a friend when your not suppose to and your parents suddenly walk in on you, you text phtl and the person who your texting with knows to not message you back because your parents are this. This means you don't rely with 'k' after, you STOP texting the person.
-That movie was epic."

by destinyfucker December 29, 2014
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method in emergency medical service that used to treat traumatic patients, that suffer from physical kinematics.

PHTLS- pre hospital trauma life support.
*treat before arriving to hospital.

this method stand for immediate evacuation and treat while evacuation or before, depend on the severity of the case.

the most ideal treat for trauma's patients is bondage for back-board, evacuate, and let other crewman (except the driver) to take care for the patient while evacuating.

the best treat to traumatic patients can't get done in any ambulance, and no one can stabilize patient in field, only the hospital can do that.
"They are doing PHTLS actions to him and about to evacuate him to the nearest hospital quickly as they can"
by TeddyBeard July 03, 2009
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