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Owned by the phone. The phone controls your life. The phone rings - you obey its command. NOT answering the phone is not an option. You are powerless. Regardless of the hour, you will obey its desire no matter how ridiculous the request. Think you had other plans? Forget it. The phone rings and you are phowned.
OMG I have this final tomorrow and I so needed to study, and then the phone rings and now I have to go and meet Francine so I can listen to her whine about her boyfriend all night. I am so phowned!
by wheaty May 08, 2008
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When you get smacked hard in your face or other parts of the body with a telephone or a cellphone.
The word has its origin from the term "Owned"
Niels sneaks up behind Kristian without him noticing.
He then bangs the phone on his head, yells "PHOWNED" and runs off...
by Tommeliden Crew December 12, 2006
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One who's life cannot hang in the balance without their phone. Since our smart phones seem to take control over us in anything we do, we are officially PHOWNED - owned by our cell phones
I am sooo totally phowned that I cannot sleep without browsing Facebook first for about an hour.
by Schweets87 June 10, 2014
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