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Adjective: lurking on social networking sites look at strangers or ex-girlfriends photos while not knowing or communicating them. Typically involves fantasy, anger, or remorse. A form of virtual leering.
I was photo-stalking my ex on myspace and saw she posted pics of a guy taking body shots off her. WTH?
by dwasu July 12, 2009
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The act of following an individual or group taking photos and attempting to be a feature of each photo. Usually un-noticeably if possible. Sometimes you may like to do a delibrate "photo stalking" pose (one of which is unique to you), or just act casual.
dan: hey nic, lets photo stalk!
nic: who are we photo stalking?
dan: that newspaper reporter!
nic: okay sounds good, let's go.
dan: ;)
by danmcvicker March 28, 2009
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