Hey, I want to call up my phore and get some phoring on.
by Kalljuian March 12, 2005
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Photo whore:
1. Someone who appears in every photo, even though they weren't supposed to be.
2. Someone who appears in myspace/bebo photos wearing underwear.
1. yep, these are the photos I took, there's holly, and again, and again... God she's such a phore.
2. Have you seen her myspace photo? she's 14 and she's only wearing a t-shirt and pants. Phore.
by Monkeywotiam April 20, 2007
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I get over 100 pokes a day; I am a PHore. When a group of us are present, we have Porgy's and there are Porgasm's flying. Morgana Reeves is the first official PHore of facebook. www.facebook.com/PHore4U
by Morgana Reeves September 5, 2011
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A phone whore; A girl who acts like a whore over the phone/ text messaging, but will never flirt with or do anything with a guy in person.
by bigcatsinmabutt0987654321 March 31, 2011
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Arizona pronunciation of for sure; it is otherwise pronounced as phore shore
Wildcat: Yo do you want to go to a desert rave?
SunDevil: Phore Shore
by its whatever September 13, 2009
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A male/female who brags so much about PSPs and hacks into it and let people pay them to hack their PSPs.
Man: Hey do you know anyone who can hack my PSP?
Woman: I can hack it MINOR just pay me!
Man: Stop being a Phore.
Woman: What's a Phore?
Man: YOU! You PSP Whore!
by Ryan Inferno March 11, 2008
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