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1. Verb: Past tense

To have your attention "stolen" away from an intense activity (like playing a game) by the incessant ringing or ring tone of your phone, which of course, you have to answer.

Origin from 'hijacked': as the past-progressive meaning stolen in a violent fashion.
I was just about to frag this dude when I got phonejacked and some high-ping lamer fragged me from behind.
by deg451f August 09, 2006
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To slyly take someone else's phone when they aren't looking so you can play with it.
That dude phone jacked me right there under my nose!
by Justin Frazier March 15, 2007
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When your friend asks to *Borrow* your phone for "real quick" and ends up taking way to long with it whether it be five minutes to an hour.
Dustin: Hey lemme use your phone real quick
Mike: Okay man.
30 mins later.. Can I have my phone back
Dustin *Still In arguement with girlfriend*

Mike: "Great, Ive been Phone Jacked."
by Fitzyyyym February 04, 2011
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