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1. Verb: Past tense

To have your attention "stolen" away from an intense activity (like playing a game) by the incessant ringing or ring tone of your phone, which of course, you have to answer.

Origin from 'hijacked': as the past-progressive meaning stolen in a violent fashion.
I was just about to frag this dude when I got phonejacked and some high-ping lamer fragged me from behind.
by deg451f August 09, 2006
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When your friend asks to *Borrow* your phone for "real quick" and ends up taking way to long with it whether it be five minutes to an hour.
Dustin: Hey lemme use your phone real quick
Mike: Okay man.
30 mins later.. Can I have my phone back
Dustin *Still In arguement with girlfriend*

Mike: "Great, Ive been Phone Jacked."
by Fitzyyyym February 04, 2011
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