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to engage in sexual conduct over the phone. In lighter terms, to "have phone sex".
Did you hear that Andy totally phoneboned Jennifer? How disgusting!
by darian m October 26, 2005
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The act of talking for hours and hours with a girl or a guy till your ears fall off.
Hey Nelson, did you waste your time last night phone boning with Susy?
by Slang Master June 17, 2005
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A Phonebone is phone sex between two real people. Not phone sex beteen a person and a (fantasy) operator. A Phonebone is real phone sex - real masturbation, real moans and real orgasms. Usually a phonebone is between a a couple in a relationship. But sometime, and often times its between two strangers who get into a private conversation over a chatline, such as Intimate Encounters adult chatline (1-800-627-4263). Chatlines are where hot girls call in search of guys for annonymous phone sex with guys that turn them on.
A call Intimate Encounters Adult Chatline and Engage In One On One Private Conversation With A Horny Girl and Ask her To phonebone with me.
by Ivan Boesky April 19, 2009
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To be on the telephone with a girl, and try to sweet talk her as if she had you whipped, or on a short leash.
Male to female on the phone:"Baby i'd do anything for you."
Males around him:"Nigga,Stop phone boning, it sounds like your soft.
by cedric hoper August 06, 2004
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When a female uses the vibrate feature on her phone to masturbate, in the absence of a true vibrator.
I forgot my vibrator at church camp, so I had to Phone Bone after watching Twilight
by jtothegoods November 20, 2010
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