When a woman specifically expresses her disinterest in a potential suitor by incessantly playing with her phone. It is a passive form of rejection for a guy who will find his remaining dignity in the friend zone.
Tim thought he had an opportunity to smash with Madison but she phone zoned the hell out of him.
by JustKiddingFool May 31, 2015
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A place to go and smoke weed. Normally it is a semi-safe area where it is unlikely that you will get caught. The term is also used to designate a state of being really, really high.
"Hey man, you wanna go to the phone zone?"

"You guys in the phone zone?"

"I be just chillin in the phone zone"
by Mystic Treebeard November 22, 2009
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Like the Friend Zone, only the Person in the 'Phone Zone' Is relegated almost exclusively to Phone Calls/iMessage/Snapchat etc.
So She cancelled the date without saying anything, didn't bother to apologize or reschedule, but wanted to facetime for god-knows how long...hoe tryna Phone Zone me lmao.
by Johnydeth April 22, 2021
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When someone is incapable of hearing you because they are on their iPhone texting or looking at mindless websites
I was talking to Steve when all of a sudden he didn’t hear a word I said, he was distracted by his iPhone , he was in the phone zone
by Tamkin cpa December 2, 2020
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A period of time on the phone that goes quickly because your conversation is so riveting.
I was in the phone zone with my friend, talking about sports, for over 50 minutes. Man, did that time fly!
by Ereck Flowers November 13, 2018
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