Having a slow way about you--or--Being unemotional cold -- just there...no aliveness.
Example 1. "You mean--even though your family was just violently butchered into blood sodden slices --you want a fucking cheeseburger? You aint nothing but a phlegmatic motherfucker. . ." Example 2. Confronted with the 25 strong gang of violent murder hungry demons on a dark L.A. back alley, I said, "Pardon me for being so PHLEGMATIC, --But, which one of you frail --confused--bitches wants uncle butcher to skin and debone ya asses rright now?" I said in a phhlegmatic manner.
by Bobby Revell March 17, 2005
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Something you do to your squeezix, usually when bored.
...it's a lot more fun than phlegmating your squeezix.
by commodorebeef May 02, 2005
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