A guy with a good sense of humour but shit at getting girls
'Haha, you're funny but I don't like you, Phillippe'
by h*cklord February 4, 2019
When a man inserts a chopstick (preferably splintered) into his urethra.
Matt: Hey Su Hong, why the grimace??

Su Hong: Oh ... I just gave myself I gave myself a Ryan Phillippe and now my pee-hole has like 8 splinters in it.

Matt: Talk about getting wood. Haha!!
by Matt Psylon October 27, 2006
phillipp or phil is the typ of person you met and instantly love . he is a great listener and really likes to learn something about you
me: have you met phillipp? he is such a great friend
by jana.hxc January 23, 2022