PG rated means that parents or a guardian have to be with tgeir children and some stuff in the movie might not be suitable for Children.
This movie is PG rated
by Gd_Iridium1873 February 19, 2017
(Past-tense verb). When a couple kisses on the lips for the first time.
"Things went well with Tina last night. We PG-rated consummated."

Or this term can be mixed with the term GOMO to clarify.

"We PG-rated consummated, but we weren't GOMO.
by Joel Cathey May 23, 2007
verb. To keep one's online persona clean, usually when seeking employment.
"Hey, Steve, I really liked those pictures you posted to my Facebook page, but cool it ... I'm looking for work and I gotta keep a PG rating."
by The Mind of Matt August 31, 2009
Girl 1: Hey did you have sex with that guy last night?!
Girl 2: No, all he did was call me to make out. It was like a PG rated booty call.
Girl 1: How lame...
by blinkblink December 24, 2009