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A foul and unpleasant state of being.
That guy is pewn.

I drank too much and ate too many chili dogs last night and I am pewn today.
by Tond October 26, 2007
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Pewn - To Pewn someone is to beat them with overwhelming force or power.

"Pewn" is dreived from the word "Pwn" which is derived from the word "own" and has escentally the same meaning as the words from which it came.

Other variations of the word pewn may be seen on rare occasion. Such as "pewnage" (a variation of ownage) or "p3wnz0r" or any other variation of the word written in 1337 text. Theese variant versons of the word "pewn" are quite rare however and are generally only used by lamers or by pros who are joking around.
Player 1 attacks Player 2 dealing 10 damage.
Player 2 defends the attack dealing 10,000 damage. Player 1 was pewned.
by None of your business. January 27, 2005
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Replaces the word "pwn" in many sentences cause 'pwn' is just stupid. Get the word "pewn" out, it's been started by some of my friends and it's catching on around me.

Also can be said as pewned and pewnage.

Not really a meaning to it, just a word you can use in many different situations.
Hey man you wanna get pewned?

Let's go right now I'm gonna pewn you!
by Pewnage September 15, 2004
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