A form of brain-damage in those who program too much in the write-only computer language Perl.

In it's most basic form, a Perl programmer will use Perl to accomplish common tasks for which other more appropriate (and easier) tools already exist. In extreme cases, those suffering from Perl Syndrome will set their login shell to Perl, and replace system executables with their own Perl monstrosities.

When confronted with evidence that they have Perl syndrome, one afflicted will become upset, deny that there's anything wrong, and respond "TMTOWTDI" ("There's More Than One Way To Do It" - Perl's motto.)
Asked by a newbie how to log the output of syslog to another host (a common Unix task), someone with Perl Syndrome replied that the 'easiest' way would be to write a 'simple' 25-line Perl script that would open a TCP connection to the remote host, tail the appropriate logfile, and write them out (another 'simple' Perl script would of course need to be written to accept and process this TCP connection.)

To the sufferer of Perl Syndrome, this was all simpler and easier than just enabling 'remote host' in the syslog configuration.
by Karl S. May 28, 2008
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The intellectual leader of the Neo-Conservative movement. Puppetmaster of George W. Bush and fellow evilmongeror Paul Wolfowitz. If the Christian belief system is to be believed, Vegas has 5:3 odds this man is the anti-christ.
by McDiggy August 4, 2003
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Female masturbation, also jilling

Referenced in a book by Christopher Moore
"When I'm bored and lonely, I go home and flick the perl"
by anon-fo-sheezy March 21, 2008
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She’s always hungry and when she’s hungry she gets really crazy like a gremlin at night. So feed her well
Lia Perl is hungry again
by Butterfly baller November 21, 2021
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a word used for a girl that has an amazing personality and an even more amazing body.
she is usually a gym addict and is thirsty for a relationship. this name describes a girl that has a big sweet tooth and also 3 trusted friends.
I want to be a perl when I grow up.
by amiita November 23, 2021
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a polish twat which talks like he hit puberty at eight years old he also is a polish rapist who goes knoll academy, sevenoaks, kent
alan perl is polish
by George pig December 17, 2018
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