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Someone who talks like they have a penis permanently stuck in their nose.
Man #1: "Hey Lauren, what's up?"
Penis nose: "Hey, nothing much, huhuhuhuhuh"
by E-real May 13, 2008
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when someone or something has a nose that is shaped like a penis therfore becoming a penisnose and when they sneeze its cum and when there blowing there nose they really are masturbating.
michael says "hey everybody look at joey he has a penisnose!" crowd"lololololololololol"
by xAlienMaster21x June 17, 2008
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An rare trait that few are cursed with. It occurs when gypsies and unicorns mate and the outcome is a semi-normal looking child except for the fact that their nose looks like a penis. Oh, and they have GIANT foreheads.
Maddie has the biggest penisnose you eva seen!
by hungryhungrytiger;) August 29, 2011
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