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A horizontal stripe of pubic hair left above the penis after the rest is shaved away. Recognised styles include:

The Charlie Chaplin (aka "a Hitler")
Fu Manchu

The above list is not exhaustive.

For gentlemen struggling in the facial hair department this is really the only way of taking part in Movember without resorting to adhesives.
Jeeves: Forgive the bold nature of my comment, but rumour has it that sir may have taken a razor to his gentleman's vegetables last night...

Wooster: He did indeed Jeeves, the chaps at the club thought it would be a splendid wheeze so I had a couple more sherries and then we went for it. I settled for the "Handlebar" after Standish pointed out that having my little chap called a little Chaplin might wear a bit thin after a while. Want to see? (Whips out the meat and two veg)

Jeeves: I say sir! That truly is a penache with panache! Will sir require the wax later or is it naturally so stylish?
by RusticBench January 04, 2011
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