When you are completely wasted/high stoned to the point of totally losing it. Can only really reach "pelican fly" on cocaine, amphetamines. E, LSD. But some people can reach it on marijuana.
Origins from the film "Scarface." Al Paccino is sitting in a bath watching TV and sees a pair of flamingoes flying and says : "Hey Manny look at it .. Pelican fly come on pelican."
Man I smoked some really strong weed and was "pelican fly."
by slssfw April 30, 2005
One girl is fucked by four guys at the same time. Think of a compass. The girl is on her knees receiving it in the mouth and ass while she gives the other two guys handjobs. If done properly, the image appears as a pelican attempting to fly.
Me, Jason, Justin, and JT gave that girl a flying pelican last night! It was priceless!
by J Prizm June 25, 2006