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A Bottle of Pee. Any kind of bottle , you may pee in.
Usually made to be drank by another for prank or thrown as a bomb.
Anthony: Pisses in the bottle
Anthony: Asks a friend if he wants orange juice.
Friend: Yes.
Friend: drinks the orange juice.

The Pee bottle was filled with guzzling Yellow Unhealthy Jizz.
by Andy Phouphayry November 27, 2005
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person "A" needs to pass a drug test for probation, or to be hired for a job, so person "A" asks person "B" who is drug free, to pee in a bottle and then person "A" hides the bottle on his person and then when its time for him to pee in a cup, he pours the pee from person "B", and then hands it off to the doctor/nurse in the facility.
Person A: Hey person B, its time for u to give me a pee bottle!!!
Person B: No problem person A, whatever you want!!!
by blthrskt November 29, 2005
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