Derives from the word Pecker, meaning a small penis.

A pecka is a person, usually "gay", hideously uncool and has a very small penis.

A pecker will usually do idiotic acts to look cool, in a sort of sicophantical(sp?) way.

Pecka saw its first major usage in an army barracks in Donnington, UK. The word was then popularised in Walsall by a guy called Dudek.
"David is the biggest example of a pecka, his dick is minute."

"Oi! Pecka. Give me a newspaper, Pecka!"

"That pecker will do anything to get in craigs good books.
Mind you, Craig is a pecker himself."
by Andrew Dudek March 08, 2006
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A nutty freshman who thinks he is cool but is clearly a dumb shit. Somtimes he will try to act cool even though he is a flaming homo sexual, by repeating words acual cool kids say.
Brandon: Hey you, yes you pecka what are you looking at you nutty pecka.

Devon: stop bothering me or I will get mad

Mind Devon who is actually gay Brandon, who is the real pecka goes around being a pecka calling other people peckas even though he did not even come up with word.
by cafe world November 13, 2009
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Something to be used in place of the word dick, cock, or penis in a verbal argument. Bums use this term, as well as crackheads, junkies, and black people.
I ain't fixna to fake for these pecka woods, get out my business, okay!
by Wahhhn February 02, 2011
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